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“A city which belongs to just one man is no true city,” (Lines 812,813) Haemon informs Creon, his father, to show that he cannot run a city without the ideas and opinions of others. There are many different ways to view this play and many different people visualize it in a different way, but in the play Antigone the themes Love and Betrayal are used carefully together to create Creon’s tragic hero. The events that occurred initially exposed Creon’s selfishness, megalomania, and anger which is showed throughout the play. Creon first shows his selfishness when speaking to Haemon in third ode, line 849, “Is it my mistake to honour my own rule?” Creon insists that he is correct and his rule is above all and all the people …show more content…

Creon says, “ We must obey whatever man the city puts in charge, no matter what the issue - great or small, just or unjust.” (Lines 760-763) Creon says this because he is in charge and he is the one making the rules. His power hungry character sees that no matter how unjust or lunatic his laws may be, they must be followed because he is in charge and he is sovereign. His anger is depicted through his reaction displayed when Haemon takes Antigone's side over his and he says, “ You’re the worst there is - you set your judgement up against your father,” (Lines 848, 849) Creon's anger emanates from betrayal he feels from Haemon. When Haemon takes Antigone's side and tells his father, he is in the wrong Creon's feels betrayed and that's where his anger originates. The cessation of the play Antigone is a result of Creon’s character being the tragic hero. The suicides which materialized were because of Creon’s, selfishness, megalomania, and anger. The denouement of this play is incredibly climacteric and engaging to the reader because of the way this character was set

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