Creon In Sophocles Antigone

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In the play Antigone, written by Sophocles, the story tells a tale of a tragic hero. Who lost everything due to his own. This thriller describes a story between blood,Creon and Antigone, an uncle and niece. Creon becomes new ruler of Thebes and as king he forbids anyone to bury his nephew Polyneices meaning anyone who does will be executed. Knowingly Antigone attempts to bury her brother. He is discovered by a guard and sent off to die in her own tomb ordered by her uncle creon. Before Antigone is set off to her own demise she shows the true nature of creon. Creon cockiness and pride blinded him the ones he loved. Antigone really showed this when she says “Oh, you are mocking me! Why me! Why me by our fathers’ gods - why do you all, my own city and the richest man of Thebes, insult me now right to my face.” Antigone is outraged her uncle creon insults her right to her face and being one of the considered “higher” than her yet still insisted on disrespecting her. Creon out of anger responds with “take her and shut her up, as I have …show more content…

Creon admits this when he says “ Think: all men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repaired the evil. The only crime here is pride.” Ceron admits this all over his fight with Antigone, after he sentenced her to her own death where Antigone took her own life. Creon feeling so miserable for the pain he has caused “Alas, how miserable I feel- to look upon this second horror. What remains for me, what’s fate still got in store?” Creon feeling all this guilt from which he has set upon himself says “Aaaii… my fear now makes me tremble. Why won’t someone now strike out at me, pierce my heart with a double bladed sword?” Ceron feeling to blame from all the pain and suffering he has caused he wonders why he is not killed because he feels it is so well

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