Best Practices In Crisis Communication

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Crisis communication is a word that is associated with public relation, it has the different explanation in public relation but it depends on who is using and asking for this word, it is designed to provide specific information to stakeholders initiate and enhance recovery, of damages, perceptions of blame and responsibility, and protect the reputation of organizations, individual, country etc after the crisis or disaster change (Seeger et al.,2003). It also need to defend the image of the organization and nation which may also typically created by undesirable or harmful media consideration (Mileti & Sorensen, 1990). Crisis are naturally dynamic and unpredictable the practices of the crisis communication are not the practices that
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Communication best practices in crisis are applicable in a wide arrangement of setting, whether it is ‘‘natural disasters like earthquakes, intentional events like terrorist and in other range of industrial accidents etc. This is the reason I am not agree with the statement that is The Best crisis practices are NOT useful for other uncertain events outside the organizations like catastrophe or terrorist attack. Thus, practices outline the options that one might consider and understand when individuals or organization are facing the crisis situation and require help to manage it so organizations take it as learning lessons for a particular setting of practice.

Question No 2
1) In your opinion what are the possible good practices in crisis communication other than mentioned in this article by Matthew W. Seeger? (10 marks)

In my opinion Crisis communication practices other then described by the author in the given article is that is follows the specific processes to enhance effectiveness of the communication. Practices that should be included in any crisis and health communication are as
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Learn as much as possible from the previous crisis in advance
In case of the issue with the customer who find the product which is not up to the specification of that product .The company should have the information about the customer in their database, the history of the customer Which will help the respondent to construct the response the CRM can help the organization to develop the context of the response.

Point out the players involved in crisis
Identification of the players in industrial accidents crisis like ‘defective product’ is important. If it makes sure that the company knows the problem creators and the take the corrective action will reduce the likely consequences and outcomes and they will value the company involvement in crisis.

Share positive as well as negative feedback

As established collaborative team allows the agencies to coordinate their responses and activities crises planner should assesses the validation sources and their feedback, the feedback not only include the negative expression but also consist of positive information. From team to the call center to the general public the response should be consistent in the form of message in a
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