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In chapter six of “Critical Handbook of Children’s Literature” which was written by Rebecca Lukens. Jacqueline Smith, and Cynthia Coffel, plot is known as “Sequence of events showing characters in conflict”. Also, this order is one of the best way for writer to help readers to understand the story of the each characters, which was selected by the writer (p. 141). Narrative order is one of the form that is included in plot, it is the form that tells story through following an events by step by step. In addition, there are different type of narrative order, one of them is Chronological Order, then Variations in Narrative Form, and finally the Variations is Representations of Time (Lukens et al, 2012, p. 142). This three types of order have their…show more content…
According to “A Critical Handbook of Children’s Literature” definition of chronological order is “If a story relates events in the order of their happening, the story is in chronological order”. It means chronological order is form that tells story from following the time line by step by step, for example, baby to adult, adult to old man or women (Lukens et al, 2012, p. 142). “Charlotte’s Web” story is chronological order, Wilbur was born at spring as runt pig, and thanks to Fern who is daughter of the farmer he could escape from death. When Wilbur was old enough he was sold to Mr. Zuckerman’s farm. At Wilbur’s new home he met spider friend called Charlotte. Then few days later, Wilbur heard terrible story from oldest sheep that Mr. Zuckerman is going to kill him in winter time. When Charlotte heard the news she promised to Wilbur that she will help him. As a result Wilbur was safe, but Charlotte died after she gave a birth and at the end Wilbur promised to himself that he will protect the Charlotte’s baby. When it was spring babies were born and Wilbur got new spider friends when his old friend passed away and then he lived rest if his life happily (White, 1980, p. 1-184). In story of “Charlotte’s Web”, it is believed that whenever months change, it is bad news for Wilbur because his death is coming. Therefore chronological order in this story is…show more content…
For example, there is several books which has chronological order, but each book has their own perspective to tell their stories to the readers (Lukens et al, 2012, p. 143). Perspective of Charlotte’s Web is third-person, it is the author that tells about feeling, thought and action of character in the story. For instance, in chapter three of “Charlotte’s Web” when Wilbur escape from his pigpen and be caught by Mr. Zuckerman after running away from Lurvy and dog, then author of the book said about Wilbur’s feeling “He felt the warm milk inside his stomach. He felt the pleasant rubbing of the stick along his itchy back. He felt peaceful and happy and sleepy. This had been a tiring afternoon. It was still only about four o’clock but Wilbur was ready for bed” (White, 1980, p. 24). Through this line we could find and understand that Wilbur was tired of running and hunger for food. Without variation in narrative form, we might have hard time to understand or find feeling, thought and action of the each

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