Cultural Changes In The Early 1900s

1243 Words5 Pages early 1900s are known as a time in history where there was a massive change in cultural views which had led to rash and progressive changes in women’s rights along with the creation of mass produced apparel and cosmetics. This period however pale in comparison to those radical changes of today's society and it is clear that twenty-first century concepts of women's rights , marriage legislation and various other topics which had once been considered taboo are much more accepted and widely discussed.
Throughout the start of the 1900s, the United States had just come out of World War 1, where there had been conscription along with the ratification of the 18th Amendment. This had been one of the first …show more content…

This surge in power and radical thought had led to a change in pace from a once rather peaceful United States since the American Civil War, and with it came the idea of cultural assimilation as foreign involvement in United States affairs had dramatically increased. Such as with soldiers coming back for foreign regions as well as nurses who had been subject to other societal norms as they had been tending soldiers from the other allied powers including much more liberal Britain, France and other European regions. With this foreign cultural involvement there has been new ideas engrained in the minds of these returning individuals such as of the red scare as well as the notion of more women’s rights, as the soldiers they had been fighting along included those of the British and Russian descent in which had either been in their infancy stages of women's rights or had

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