Cultural Differences In Native American Culture

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Introduction Today’s society consist of a variety of different cultures. Each cultures has their own identity, customs, and beliefs. In my community we have several strong, family oriented cultures. The two that were chosen was the Hispanics community and the Haliwa-Saponi Native American community. It was very interesting to see that while this communities are different they share some strong similarities, such as family ties. Interviews I was able to conduct two individual interviews with people that represent two different racially and ethnically diverse groups. The one individual was a Hispanic woman from Puerto Rico and the another was a Native Indian woman from the Haliwa-Saponi tribe. Each interview was conducted …show more content…

Brucie Ogletree Green Richardson was elected Chief of the Haliwa-Saponi Indian tribe back in June 14, 2014. She is responsible for promoting and representing the traditional and cultural heritage. Dr. Richardson is the first Chief female to serve in this capacity. What is your history? I was born in Halifax County and a graduate of Haliwa High School located in Warren County. What is your work? I am currently the Chief of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe. What are some of your family customs and roles of members within your family? Some of my family customs is staying close to each other, sharing, attending and participating in tribal activities. As well as participate in church activities. What is your role in your family? My role is to prompt togetherness for the last several years and hold an annual dinner in my home. How closely do you identify with your culture? I identify 100% with my culture. What religious or spiritual beliefs are influential in your culture and for your family? We are Baptist. What are your family beliefs about child rearing and discipline? Children are to respect the elders. Be obedient to parents and adults. Everyone if expected to work. Each of us have a job to do. What are the power structure in your family? The power structure is an organizational chart in the home with the parents. When it comes to discussion making a meeting is made with parents. Is age a factor in who has power? When it comes to children the power is for the parents. What are customary health practices and beliefs? Do you use home or folk remedies, a healer, shaman or some other traditional or spiritual healer? Many things we do as home remedies. Growing up my mom made certain medicines. We would help mom look for roots and herbs. For other reasons we go to a medicine doctor. Taking care of health needs prior to it being a problem. What are some events that your Tribe is involved in? The Annual Pow Wow, NC Unity Conferences, National

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