My Nigerian Culture

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How would you answer someone you just met if they asked you to describe your culture to them? If someone was to ask me about my culture i would start by telling the person my Nigeria culture is very diverse and definitely complicated. Although english is the official language, more than 250 languages are spoken. Yoruba, igbo and hausa are the 3 most popular languages. It a very multi-ethnic culture. Being very welcoming and friendly are traits that been passed on from generation to generation and it often why it is difficult to say no when things such as food is being offered.Being born and raised in Nigeria introduces me to distinguish varieties of cultural values. Although some I don't agree with, most have shaped me into the person I am…show more content…
Although my my family housemaid was poor and has nothing to offer financial, she was a hard worker, loyal and reliable person. As time went by she become more like a second mother to me and I often find myself confining in her things I wouldn’t have told my parents. Adichie, C. (2009). Transcript of "The danger of a single story". [online] Available at: Think about your own experiences with health providers, or perhaps someone else. What is something unique about your story or cultural identity that others who don’t know you might miss or assume otherwise? I was born and raised in Nigeria. I went to a very expensive and quality school. By the time I was 16 I was done with high school and I came to America shortly after. A lot of people still don’t believe I was raised born and raised in Nigeria because according to them “ my English was too good for me to be from Nigeria”. Sometimes I was asked if Nigeria was “really in Africa” or if I learnt how to speak English from a different country. It often like when I tell someone I am Nigerian, they already have a single story of who and what I am all
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