Essay On African Culture

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Different parts of our culture today have roots in history. The production culture, how a product gets from creation to us, is based off of the historical “outwork” process. Today, different jobs have unions that protect the workers. This working culture has evolved from the working conditions during the Industrial Revolution. In 1884 Europeans met to decide the future of Africa. Africa 's economy was greatly affected and the economic culture there still feels the effects. Africa 's economic culture largely supports other nations economies and damages their own. The production, working, and economic cultures of today are direct consequences of the Industrial and Imperialistic eras. Today 's production process, is setup as a division of …show more content…

African delegates were not in attendance while European nations debated their future. Elizabeth Heath from Oxford References writes, “During the 1870s and early 1880s European nations such as Great Britain, France, and Germany began looking to Africa for natural resources for their growing industrial sectors as well as a potential market for the goods these factories produced.” The European nations were unconcerned with the cultural consequences of their actions in Africa. They were only focused on improving their economies through Africa 's resources and consumer market. This treatment caused Africa to suffer due to their lack of independence. Africa continued to suffer over time reaching to modern times where parts of it are considered developing countries. The effects of the Berlin Conference are felt today, for “If Africa’s resources were used in her own development they would place Africa among the most modernised continents of the world. But Africa’s wealth is used for the development of overseas interests” (Pheko). The effects of the Berlin Conference have had lasting effects on the economic culture causing Africans to struggle as a developing country. The economic culture in Africa today is still based on events such as the Berlin

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