Culturally Responsible Decision-Making Process Analysis

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Responsibility is a process. Much in how mature we are lies on the particular choices we make and how we go about making them. Cultural Maturity reframes responsibility. A key piece in how culturally mature we are comes to a more creative, exploratory and experimental, face. Process is an appropriate consideration when it comes to responsibility. Generally, doing what is right is the end output. However, we must confront what constitutes responsible choice. We face the inescapable fact that goals and intent today represent only part of what we must draw on for a fully responsible action. This is not to diminish the importance of pre-established goals. A responsible decision-making process as a creative process may seem to make a choice less precise, less rigorous. But where there is in flux in the territory in which these decisions are being made, it makes the decision-making more precise. Add that culturally maturity’s changes alter circumstances in particularly dramatic ways and how understanding it is changing and the conclusion becomes even more irrefutable. Culturally mature truth is more solid truth because it provides the feedback needed for mature consideration. A creative or experimental frame provides the beginning of a way beyond the norm or deadlock. Exploratory language can be applied usefully to …show more content…

Ideology is a whole different realm where the needed creativity becomes difficult. A step beyond the standards and the absolute beliefs begins to make headway and wholly unexpected solutions present themselves. An exploratory thing of creativity translates readily to the more encompassing task of making sense of what the future asks. Part of the responsibility we hold for the future lies with appreciating how the future defies final prediction. Today, nothing defines more our time than the need to take ownership in the exploratory creation of a human

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