Culture During The American Revolution

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American Culture Pre and Post Revolution The American Revolution was a war that began in 1775. It was between American colonies and Great Britain. The American colonies wanted to escape the harsh parliament slowly taking away their rights. The 13 colonies won this war and got their independence. This achievement began the formation of the United States of America it is today. A new culture was created during this war. The conventional way of living for everyone changed. In this essay I will depict multiple ways the government, the society, and education changed during the American Revolution. During the American Revolution, the government changed a lot. That disturbed the repose that was soon to be gone in America. Britain made a lot of new laws and acts that hampered the …show more content…

Women changed from their stereotypical ‘womanly duties’ of cleaning the house and preparing food, to becoming more independant. Some women traveled with the army to help wounded soldiers. The women at home who’s husbands were fighting in the war, got to take care of their family and farm. Some women became spies or couriers (mail carriers). Post war, things went back to how they were before the war. The American Revolution was also very good for slaves. Many were told that if they fought in the war, and the colonies won, that they would be freed. Thousands of slaves were freed during the war. The north gradually emancipated the slaves where as in the south, there was very little change except manumission laws. Education was another thing that changed drastically during and after the American Revolution. After the American colonies broke away from Britain, they helped differentiate themselves from britain by creating more education opportunities. Education became more available to women. After the war, literacy rates increased dramatically. Thomas Jefferson said that “[Education is the] keystone of our

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