Curricular Probability Observation

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The reason why this is used is because the smaller the alpha level, the smaller area where you draw your hypothesis. The alpha level relies on how positive you desire to be present that probability is not accountable for the result of improbable procedures. I would use the same alpha level because if an experimental result has less than this possibility of occurrence at random, then it can be called statistically significant. If there were any changes to make the alpha smaller then the null hypothesis would be discarded.To draw a better and more accurate conclusion I would use a greater number of participants to perform the tasks and delope a larger sample size and observation.Another change would be that those who are observed would not be based on the highest IQ levels or how old the tested or untested were because these things would not cause any effefts on the results of the findings in any way.By using a assured quantity of people and not including certain individuals specifies that the results may not be completely representative of what would be…show more content…
Further research will be needed to determine the robustress and extent of any favorable effects on cognitive performance. With these results a hypothesis is developed ,statistical analysis are given, asumptions and limitations are specified to increase an outcome which is developed through numerical ideas. Without a doubt after carring out cautious study there is no confirmation that risperidone have any damaging effect on cognitive performance of children with
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