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Opting out of Standardized Tests is not the answer
In the present era, we people talk a lot about education structure and standards in a region and its effects on various classes of people in that region. It is so because education is the primary thing to decide many facets of life and society. In regard to that, the article here says that whether or not the students from 3 to 8 grades given a choice to opt out of standardized tests in New-york.According to me, it should not be given for a variety of reasons.
Firstly,the city of New-york alone stands odd among the other states of nation.The nation’s academic standards get disturbed once the state of New-york gives the choice for students to opt-out of standardized tests on reading and math.It
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In addition to that,the Federal law policy of implementing penalties on districts that fall short of 95% students taking standardized tests may prove worse for that particular district as far as education aids are considered.If students are given choice to opt-out,then the wealthier and middle class may opt-out and reduce the funding available for students who are still interested in taking tests.So,the issue must be addressed accordingly leaving everyone happy rather than some part of people happy.
So as to conclude,the policy makers or political leaders should consider this issue in a holistic approach and should not give the flexibility for students to opt-out of annual tests as it retains the conventional education standards of the country which in turn may help build a fairly considered society.They may also consider developing alternate policies to stress the importance of standardized tests rather than giving choice to opt-out
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