Kristina Rizga's Argument Against Standardized Testing

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All students dread one thing when it comes to school - testing. Standardized test are the main focus in our school systems instead of actually gaining knowledge at the end of the year. As a mother, Michelle Rhee, understands the lack of attention given on education as a whole instead of just waiting on the scores, but she still agrees on continuing with standardized test. Kristina Rizga opposes the opinion of Michelle Rhee as she does not believe standardized test truly measure the intelligence of a student. Kristina Rizga proves her stand against standardized test by utilizing solid use of argumentation. Rizga successfully takes an argumentative stand by including credibility, evidence, and demonstration of audience awareness. Kristina Rizga establishes greater …show more content…

Kristina reaches out to her readers through repetition of argument, restatement of thesis, and explanation. Kristina continues to repeat her argument with factual numbers that do not match up to testing scores and keeps her point consistent unlike Rhee. Throughout her article Michelle Rhee contradicts herself by agreeing with the opposing side, which leaves her audience unconvinced. While both Rhee and Rizga did use great appeals the story with Maria and her life of overcoming obstacles grabs the reader's attention more opposed to logical appeal. Michelle Rhee explains the rough life of Maria in El Salvador with the MS-13 gangs, the loss of her aunt, and the struggle of entering school only knowing one language. This heartbreaking and emotional story line gives the audience a story with which to nekite, stronger than giving the logical appeal of parents not wanting their kids to stress out in school, in Rhee’s article. Kristina Rizga was well aware of her audience in her article helping get a grasp of the readers to join her argumentative side rather than Michelle

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