Persuasive Speech On Standardized Testing

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O.O Speech
Intro story
Michal is a boy born in Florida who has some special needs. He was born with a brain stem, but not a whole brain. He loves to hear and listen to people talk to him, yet he is morosely incapable of sight, speech, or even understand basic information. He was forced to take an alternate version of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. This year he will be forced to take this test again. He is not alone. This New York times article from February 13, 2014 goes on to give an example of another case. This time it is the story of Andrea Rediske, a Florida parent of a child who is slowly dying from a life burdened by brain damage and cerebral palsy. The state tried to force this child, Ethan, to take this test. In the meantime while Andrea was fighting the school system, Ethan Rediske passed away. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our children aren’t all dying of terrible diseases, but these standardized testing is killing our brothers and sisters creativity and passion for school instead.

Standardized tests do not accurately measure what students know and what they can do, nor are they accurate predictors of future success

First we will learn information about its history and its use in today’s America. Second we will see how they don’t work. Finally we will offer simple, yet effective solutions to our standardized testing issue

So let’s go way back to see where our issues started. According to Time magazine on Friday, December 13, 2011 the

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