Cyberbullying: A 21st Century Health Care Phenomenon

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The internet, a tool for communication, which became part of many people’s daily lives have transformed the way we communicate. In earlier times, communication was a big burden for many people, but the entrance of the internet made it easier. Adolescent are the one who took the most advantage of it, growing up in the middle of “technological evolution” (Sticca) became part of their social life. The internet, is on cell phones, computers, and tablets, which teenager uses it daily. Inside the internet, came the entrance of social networking, which the youth are mostly involved in for communication, making friendships, relationships, research, and homework through websites such as Facebook. Although Facebook is the site mostly used by adolescent, there are some undesirable side effects knows as cyberbullying. …show more content…

According to Jemica Carter’s article “Cyberbullying: A 21st Century Health Care Phenomenon,” 30% of people have been bullied during school, and 82% using an online social networking such as Facebook. It is more relevant to adolescent to use social media to bully others because there is any face to face contact. Sticca approach in her article “Is Cyberbullying Worse than Traditional Bullying?” Social networking is mostly used to bully other because there is an increment in the audience and it is also sometimes anonymous and less

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