Dallas Cowboys Essay

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Jerry Jones took the biggest risk for the Dallas Cowboys when he decided that the Cowboys were going to create their own merchandise line. Sports business daily had stated that they were in third when it came to merchandise sales in the NFL (7). According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, sales of NFL merchandise has averaged $3 billion annually from 1995 through 2000. The Cowboys accounted for 16% of those sales during that time (14). Therefore, Jerry Jones knew he had to take into their own hands of producing, marketing, and distributing their own apparel. Instead of going with Rebook, who was the NFL sponsor making apparel for every team, he would rather have all the profits gained for the team rather than paying others to create their apparel (14). The Cowboys had the option to use Rebook as their supplier, but at that time they decided not to use them anymore even if they had to invest more money. This was huge opportunity for the Cowboys because now they don’t have to worry about paying suppliers, and producers. They will be getting all the profits to themselves (8). Today the Cowboys have their own merchandise apparel along with their own …show more content…

Despite the previous records the Cowboys have had, the Cowboys ' popularity is still on the rise. The Dallas Cowboys have been featured twice in HBO 's acclaimed series, "Hard Knocks," which documents an NFL training camp in 2002 and 2008 (14). They brought in cameras into the draft room, coaches meetings, and practices. This is what fans wanted because it had given a look into what goes on during practices and what the coaches were thinking during a certain time in the season (7). Win or lose, the Cowboys remain a glamour team and TV favorite, and this week, the national spotlight returns to Arlington for Monday Night Football

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