Damage In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

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Damage. When something is damaged it can never be the same again. If you rip paper in half you can tape it back together, but it can never be the same again. Soldiers were damaged by the war. This is seen in the book The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. Especially in the chapter Stockings and Style.

Soldiers came back from the war with many hardships and effects from what they experienced. Also as a result of their experiences, many soldiers had little lucky charms they used in war and back home. “The magic doesn’t go away”(pg. 112). “Had the properties of a good-luck charm” (pg. 111). Mentally the soldiers knew that whatever was going to happen would happen, but these little charms comforted them. Each soldier had a different experience, but each one was hard. All they wanted was to be home and the “magic” that was in these charms gave them a little bit of home. The “magic” couldn’t bring them home, but it helped. Ironically, the charm had an opposite effect when they finally got home. As time progressed the experiences they had in Vietnam stayed with them forever, and so did their magic. …show more content…

This was a result of what they went through and how they reacted to it at the moment. “But, Henry Dobbins who moved gracefully for a big man took Azar from behind and lifted him up high and carried him over to a deep well and asked if he wanted to be dumped in. Azar said. “Alright then,” Henry Dobbins said, “Dance right.” In this section, you see the two perspectives of how soldiers felt. Azar coped with it by joking and poking fun. On the other hand, Henry let himself feel what he was doing. Both were hard and both feel the effects of it even after they returned

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