Darwinism And Darwin's Contribution To The Theory Of Evolution

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There are many scientific contributors on theory of evolution. These scientific contributors have provided much information about the theory of evolution and they have shown some evidence on the occurrence of evolution. The scientific contributors are:
1. Carl Linnaeus (1735): He is the “Father of Taxonomy” who believed on new species. He creates the classification of taxonomy which help in differentiate the species of organism. Figure 1: Taxonomy tree
2. George Louis de Buffon (1749): He is a naturalist who believed on the changes of organisms over times. He also believed that changes of organisms are due to the environmental factors. Figure 2: Changes of organisms over times.

3. Georges Cuvier (1790): He is a naturalist who found
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The theory of Lamarckian inheritance is from Jean Baptist Lamarck in year 1809. Lamarck is the first biologist that talks about evolution. Lamarck creates the first testable mechanism for evolution. This first mechanism is about the evolution of the giraffe. Giraffe has evolved into long necks because they stretched their neck muscles to reach leaves that high up the tree. The neck’s length gained during the parents’ lifetime was then passed on to the…show more content…
The main thing that Darwin discussed about evolution is on the natural selection. Darwinism or Darwin’s theory is the most famous theory of evolution and most acceptable. It originally included the broad concepts of transmutation of species or of evolution which gained general scientific acceptance after Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859. Darwinism or Darwin’s theory is from Charles Robert Darwin and others. It states that natural selection is the main reason for evolution. According what Darwinism show, natural selection is differential success in reproduction which means that different organisms have unequal ability to survive and reproduce, and hence evolution happens. Natural selection occurs through an interaction between the environment and the variability inherent among the individual organisms making a population. The product of natural selection is the adaptation of populations of organism to their environment. The Darwin’s theory is come from the idea of Charles Robert Darwin who travelled along his journey and found out that the differences between Galapagos finches. This is how he explained about the theory of evolution according to the Galapagos finches and this is the excellent explanation from

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