David Levithan's Society: Conformity And Individualism In Society

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Conformity and Individualism in Society In our daily lives, we live on to progress and shape ourselves to become who we want to be. We witness the people we’re closest to change over time, and we view their decay while we grow. Our friends eventually over time get separated from us, and we’re beginning to get into adulthood. From there on we’re trying to support ourselves, and a family if we decide to have one. We live on to watch our children grow up, and when that task is accomplished, then death can come and take us. That mundane type of life is definitely not one that “A” lives; in David Levithan’s Every Day. In A’s life, he can never stay in one body too long, which causes him to not be able to hold on to anything, except for when he meets the love of his life. Though his life is quite ordinary, A shows how conforming to certain …show more content…

Embodying a person with similar values, “A” feels that Alexander has all the qualities he admires. As he goes about his day, he “can’t help but feel that Alexander is the kind of person…[he tries] to be” (308). Those who appear superior to members of society, usually end up being role models for them. Traits that a person posses due to their integrity, or how well mannered they are, are an appeal to most people; however, some personalities are rarer than others. So it’s those people that are held in high esteem, that end up being an influence. Countless individuals begin to act like them and practice their philosophy for life, occasionally without realizing it. Therefore the traits obtained can result in a person becoming an individual, through conforming to ideas. Moreover, A’s perspective on certain people far away from social norms, cause a great deal of influence on his own individuality. But when it comes civilization, countless numbers of humans have adapted similar method in order to

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