David Malter's Character In The Chosen, By Chaim Potok

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“Love your neighbor as yourself.” This command, given by Jesus’ in Mark 12:31, tells everybody love others just as much as themselves. David Malter, a very Christ-like character from The Chosen, by Chaim Potok, puts this command into practice. He exemplifies many of Jesus’ most valuable character-traits. Although Mr. Malter does not believe that Jesus is the Messiah, he still follows many of his commands without even knowing it. He cares for and loves his son more than anything. He willingly sacrifices his health for Zionism a cause he has a passion for. He also takes the time to disciple his own son. David Malter is an extremely Christ-like man because of his loving nature, the way he makes sacrifices and his willingness to disciple his son.

In The Bible, Jesus stresses the importance of discipleship. One of his last words to his disciples was “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” And his words were not empty; he practiced what he preached when he asked twelve men to follow him and become his disciples. Mr. Malter also displays this quality when he trains his own son in the ways of Judaism and studies with him. They almost always spend Sabbat together, and studying the Talmud often. He never shies away from answering Reuven’s questions and always strives to give a …show more content…

Jesus loved everybody no matter their history or where they came from. He took the time to help children, Romans, Pharisees, sinners, and even sick people. Similarly, Mr. Malter loves and cares immensely about others. He loves his son most of all and possibly more than his own life. When Danny hits Reuven in the eye and he is hospitalized, Mr. Malter never fails to visit despite having a terrible cough. Mr. Malter also helps and cares for Danny when he spends the time to suggest and talk about secular books that Danny reads in the library. Mr. Malter cares and loves in multiple ways to several people, just like

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