Dbq Essay On Free Healthcare

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Spiro Lambrou 5th hour Free Healthcare Approximately 30 million Americans in the United States are uninsured and do not have healthcare coverage. This is putting the health of many families at risk. Healthcare needs to be free and accessible to everyone. There are many reasons that can support this. Many Americans don’t want a free healthcare system to happen since they will be forced to pay more taxes. However, paying more taxes will ensure you and your family's safety and health in the long run. The first reason that healthcare should be free to everyone is that the unemployed people will benefit heavily. “Because of financial restraints, unemployed people suffer the most. They do not have any health insurance.” (Source 1). If …show more content…

“By contrast, unemployed Americans face numerous health challenges beyond loss of income.” (Source 3). Free healthcare would take away numerous health challenges, since they will be given healthcare no matter what. “The unemployed tend to have higher levels of impaired mental health including depression, anxiety, and stress.” (Source 6). If the United States had a free healthcare system these unemployed people would be able to get help for their anxiety and depression, but since they are unemployed they don’t have any healthcare and are not able to seek any help. The unemployed are suffering more and more from no healthcare. Free healthcare would help them and their families tremendously! Another reason why healthcare should be free to everyone is for the choice of physician. Since the United States healthcare is not free it restricts some people “from

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