Dbq Imperialism Essay

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Following the Industrial Revolution was an age known as the age of imperialism. The Age of Imperialism is defined as the time period in which all the European nations decided to colonize Africa. There was only one question that seems to come up again and again. What was the motive for colonizing Africa? Although there are many different reasons that the European nations decided to move in on Africa, there are only a few that stand out over the others. Those reasons are the incredible amount of natural resources, the need to increase production of new products, and the amazing economical payout. Though these are the main reasons, greed is a factor that should not be forgotten. Africa was given the wonderful gift of useful natural resources. The only unfortunate part for the Africans was that after seeing the insane amount of money that King Leopold II took on, the other European nations wanted to expand their economies and also make more money. Document D in the “Mini Q” packet also titled, “Selected African Colonies and Their Exports” shows that Africa was loaded with natural resources that would increase not only the country's wealth but the income of the entrepreneurs and the production companies. A prime example of this is the Congo Free …show more content…

Document C in the “Mini Q” packet also known as, “Technology and imperialism”, shows just how many different inventions were created and how some could be used for building and destroying countries. So many of these inventions, new to countries relied on trading with other countries. This helped to fuel imperialism because colonization gave smaller countries the ability to strive for the rare resources that other countries desperately needed. Also the strongest of the nations (france, britain, etc.) used this as an opportunity to increase labor and their personal

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