Dbq Mexican Immigration In The 1920s

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Maria del Rocio Pizano
Instructor: Professor Roldan
History 023
July 23, 2023

Mexicans/1920s DBQ Essay

The arrival of Mexican immigration to the United States is a consequence of a Push/Pull Factor (that led to Mexican migration into the US). The Mexican Revolution and violence led many to flee Mexico and escape the bloodshed, terror, and confusion. (Push). The demand for WWI labor pulled Mexicans to the US due to the need for workers during a booming economy. Although the United States needed Mexicans to increase their economy, Mexicans were not welcomed to the US during the 1920s because the US wanted them to work temporarily, they considered the Mexican an inferior race, and considered them “the Mexican Problem”.
In the 1920s, Agribusiness was paying labor contractors to recruit farmworkers; consequently, tens of thousands of Mexicans immigrated to the southern looking for labor opportunities, but they were not welcome yet in the United States. According to the class notes, Mexicans were often hired as strikebreakers in Pennsylvania, Detroit, and Chicago. According to Knox, a representative of the Arizona Cotton Growers’ …show more content…

According to Kinnicutt, in their article, the Immigration Restriction League of New York, a group that lobbied for restrictive immigration laws and promoted eugenics, said that “we cannot have too much mixture of the races . . . without getting into trouble in the long run. We are getting too much of this Mexican immigration in here now. European immigration is much more assimilable. . . . Not only in the 1920s but all the time American people refuse the immigration of Mexican people, by letting them be part of the United States culture, and society because they want a consolidated race. They considered the Mexicans as a problem and an inferior race due to their ethnic origin of

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