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The United States Postal Service has been used for many years, sending mail far and near. It is still being used today. Dating back to the colonial times of America, mail was delivered by the Pony Express, today mail is being sent by cars, airplanes, and ships. Our country is long overdue for restructuring the USPS. The USPS should be restructured so they can gain revenue, still have convenience, and to keep up to date with developing technology. For the USPS to gain revenue, they must restructure the system. Making the USPS more modern would get more people ‘hooked’ on using the service. Today, companies and business advertise with coupons to get the public’s eye. “[Advertising] with coupons… [makes] people feel like there’s value added,” to the product. We live in a society of where adding discount to a product gives it more worth just as giving the USPS coupons (Doc A). Currently the USPS takes a long time to deliver packages, but creating a more flexible schedule would put an end to other companies who take a shorter amount of time to deliver. “Without [these] drastic changes, the mail agency will face even more staggering losses (Doc C).” …show more content…

There are many post offices all over the United States letting rural areas like the Ochopee Post Office in Florida deliver mail to people (Doc G). Expanding on locations all over the world will let some third world countries communicate conveniently. When one gets mail in one’s mailbox, one tends to keep the mail for sentiment value, rather than an email you get online. If one were to ask to pull up the mail, it would be easier to get than email. Someone in the future can pull it up and read it to understand ways the life and for sentimental value (Doc

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