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Before the 1700s, women in the United States didn’t receive any good education. When women did start to get a good education, they started to get more into politics and started asking questions about why couldn’t they vote among other things. The year 1948, marked the birth of the women’s suffrage movement when the first women’s right convention was held in Seneca Falls. The convention was organized by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Together with other women they declared that women should have rights in education, voting, property and more.
The drive for women’s suffrage gained power after the 15th amendment, passed in 1869, which allow black men to vote. Which leads to the question about, how did the women’s suffrage succeeded in the United States during the mid-19th century through the early twentieth century?
There are many possible answers for this question, but the most important and obvious answers include several elements. The unity of all women and their hard work help start the movement, created organizations and skillful leaders being found to help the expansion of the movement and set it towards succeeding. Women’s use of tactics and plan add more advantages in achieving their goal, also their supports increased their chance of their wanted results.
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Margaret Crocco explained, “This network of suffrage societies, temperance organizations, and women’s club exhibited tremendous creativity and tenacity nearly 100 years it took to gain women suffrage,”(Crocco). This shows that women create a society just for the suffrage movement, they joined together as women in need to change the society they live in. They put extremely hard work and even after 50 years they kept going until they reached their goal. This goal took about 100 years, this is prove of their passion and determination to

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