Deceived Appearances In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To kill a mockingbird report “Appearances can be deceiving” This cliché term teaches us that your appearance doesn't determine your potential that lies underneath. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird harper lee uses characterization and symbolism to show the reader that appearances are not always what they seem , and if you reveal what's underneath you realize that the world is more complex than you think. Many characters in the novel have deceived appearances . one of them is Mrs. dubose ,In the beginning of the novel mrs. dubose is written off as a mean, and bitter old woman. On page 133 scout describes her a vicious and disrespectful. Scout also says “ we could do nothing to please her. If i said as sunnily as i could “hey , Mrs. …show more content…

He says” Mrs. dubose was a great lady … she said she was going to leave this world beholden to nothing and nobody … she was the bravest person i ever know” Atticus took the chance to see the bigger picture. Which shows us that people aren't what they they seem. And once we took the chance to see what was underneath we realised how complex and courageous mrs. dubose actually was. Another example of characters have deceived appearances is a character named Dolphous Raymond. Dolphous Raymond is written as a drunk outcast who lives with negroes. On page 267 scout says “ atticus wouldn't like it if we were friendly with Mr. Raymond , and i knew aunt alexandra wouldn't” It would seem that Mr. raymond was a peculiar dangerous man. But his true self is revealed on page 168 when dill takes a drink from his sack and it's only coca cola You would wonder why Mr. raymond would pretend to be a drunk man. On page 268 Raymond says “why do i pretend? Its simple… i'm not much of a drinker … but they could never , never understand the way i want to live” Harper Lee uses Mr. raymond to show the reader that society only sees the outside , and because people are so quick to judge individuals can put a covering on that differs from their true self. Overall Harper lee was trying to show us

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