Decline Of The Roman Republic Essay

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The Roman Republic was considered one of most the significant political systems in the ancient world. Despite its success and several achievements and innovations, the Republic did not last for long due to its decline and was replaced by the Roman Empire. I can say that the decline of the Roman Republic was the result of the complex interplay of factors which include political issues, the control of the power for the elite people only, and external threats from foreign power. According to the Students of History website it stated that there were many reasons for the Decline of the Roman Republic such as Economic problems, government corruption, crime and private armies, and the rise of the dictator Julius Caesar which all led to its eventual decline in 27 BCE (The Decline of the Roman Republic, n.d.). …show more content…

When the Roman Republic started to grow in size and complexity, it resulted in hard control of the system of checks and balances, the one established in order to prevent the focus of power in the hands of elite people and prevent other people to share the authority equally. This was the factor that led to the breakdown of the law and widespread public disillusionment with the government. The instability in the government especially when it was run by the elite people contributed to the decline of the Roman Republic. Consequently, when the powerful people in the community amass more power and influence, they always clashed with each other and undermined the stability and effectiveness of the country.
On the other hand, the damage caused by the political corruption was a major factor in the decline of the Roman Republic, and the focusing of the power in the hands of some elite people in the community, besides the lack of transparency of government operations could be reduced through the

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