Definition Essay About Being Successful

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Being Successful is the most important thing you want to do in life. You have to gain or even experience how to learn the first steps to success. It can help you get a job, to get famous, or even being appreciated for what you did. Sometimes people don't even like or even try to be successful. Also successful is like a hard thing to explain or even do in certain situations. Success can be defined in different ways. For an example, some people define success as it's too hard or no one is perfect enough to be successful. That's not completely true, but you can't change people's opinion. What you can change is how you define it and what it actually means to you. Most people actually believe that success is a gift or even life. You were successfully born or you were successfully given a talent that is special. Another example, when you graduate k-12 grades, that's success because you can now go to a college or even get a job. Basically you can do anything you want if you can be successful. …show more content…

It's not easy and it can't be given to you. Practice every day or ask someone what you're doing wrong. Then you will get better and better at it. Also if you work to be successful every day you can help someone else achieve a goal that they wanna do. It's like brushing your teeth or even going to school. Another example is like working out at the gym. If you want to get fit and have muscles. You have to be successful at doing more and more weight every day when you get used to it and eating healthy if you want a fit body. If you do it every day you'll eventually get used to it and then it's easier to become successful. You shouldn't stop though you should keep challenging yourself everyday to get even better and better at what you

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