Personal Narrative: My Enjoyment Of Life

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Success I define success as the enjoyment of life. Success shouldn’t be how wealthy you are or how long you live it should be about the quality of life. Not everyone wants wealth or power but, everyone wants a happy life. Spending time with you family and doing the things you love is successful. Four people who have shown enjoyment of life are myself, Walt Disney, Tony Hawk, and my father. I demonstrated enjoyment of life when I joined band. I wanted to expand my horizons in school and I loved music. This gave me the idea to join band in 6th grade. Most kids started band in the fourth grade but I was not so lucky. I only had the first half of the year to learn my instrument and learn how to read music and rhythms. The hardest decision was choosing my instrument. I had to try to play every single one until we found the correct match which …show more content…

Tony Hawk was born in raised in California which is known as the birthplace of skateboarding. When Tony Hawk was young he was diagnosed with an ailment that involved his brain developing years ahead of his body. He had the mind of a 12 year old in a 8 year old boy's body. This put a constant strain on him to do more but his body couldn’t handle it. He tried sports like basketball and baseball but he would get stressed when he couldn’t dunk or hit the ball. One day his brother gave him a skateboard and Tony instantly clicked. He was a natural and his height didn’t matter in this sport. He pacticed every day and when he was 12 he was sponsered by Doghouse skate company. At the age of 14 he was entering professional competitions and at 16 he won the title of world's best skateboarder. Tony was said to bring respectability and legitimacy to skateboarding. Even though he is now in his 40’s Tony still skates to this day. He says he enjoys it to much to quit and will skate for the rest of his

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