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Success. Such a simple word, yet it is one of the most complicated aspects of an individual’s life. It could possibly have different interpretation for different individuals. Be it having a vast amount of wealth like the great Mali King Mansa Musa, or owning a great business empire that stretches beyond the horizon like Bill Gates. In this materialistic society in a competitive world, success is often portrayed by an individual’s wealth and material belongings, be it the latest smartphone, the classiest sports car, or maybe even the luxurious mansion at a private estate. The list goes on, and on for countless aeons. However, success can even be defined by other elements in our life. Therefore, the primary enigma that needs to be solved is as …show more content…

Although success can be represented by mountains of wealth and material belongings, it is very unwise to define every single aspect of success by such a narrow perspective. As a matter of fact, that can be considered as just being plain ignorant! Yes, wealth can be a measure of success, but there is more to success than an individual’s immense collection of finest jewelleries or a fleet of the most expensive cars. This is because wealth can never enable us to buy or rent some very critical objects in our life such as the warmth and care of our loved ones, the everlasting friendship or even the bottomless intellect of a wise person. Thus, we can conclude from my standpoint that wealth is not the best measure of …show more content…

The Mayans knew this concept, and same goes to the ancient Greeks and the ancient civilisations of the world. Consequently, I would regard a vast knowledge as one of the factors of being a successful person. Without knowledge, development of the mind would never happen in the first place. We humans would still be remaining in our ancestors’ status quo of being animistic, unruly barbarians akin to the age of old. Without knowledge, an individual would not be able to express emotions and opinions through the beauty of poetry, songs, and even complicated scientific equations. A person may have wealth, but without knowledge, he or she is just an empty husk, nothing more, nothing less, just like a rotten corpse at a quiet and solemn grave. As such, a successful person is a person with plenty of

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