Denny's Mission Statement

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Denny’s dinner from the beginning of 1953 when it was first established and known as “Danny’s Donuts”. A small town diner folks came to enjoy it’s quaint and familiar atmosphere. Up until 1961 when it became “Denny’s Diner” the rest becoming history. Denny’s began small like most businesses do, later on expanding their franchise to the big leagues, their first international restaurant opened in Acapulco, Mexico. Nowadays, it’s known as “Denny’s” the place where anyone can go get a delicious meal in 1,700 different restaurants worldwide.
Denny’s mission statement is quoted as so, “Our Mission Statement at Denny's is to establish beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers who share our commitment to customer service, …show more content…

Their quality is met just the way they market it. A comparison would be McDonald’s. Although delicious and very popular, McDonald’s has the tendency to paint the picture, and have uncooked design. Meaning that what they market, isn’t exactly what you’re going to get. To whereas Denny’s guarantees the quality in their meals, and will concede in doing so.
As business relationships along the website, you can confirm that their business is based off relationships. The way it has been passed down generations of different owners who made it their goal in having the same priorities that the person who initiated the mission, did. They established a fluid project development that had the results of success and they made sure to keep the success if not grow more for the better of the company.
Lastly what is most appreciated is the customer service and pricing. In customer service, there is a golden rule “the customer is always right,” because you are providing a service, you must always comply with the people you are serving. Being so, Denny’s always knows how to help out their clientele. Whether it’d be economically, emotionally or physically. They find a way for many to be happy. Such as families, senior citizens, and the health conscious. Even going to prices as low as two dollars for a full breakfast meal. They know how to comprise for those who have got them where

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