Departure And Up In The Coolly

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The story “Departure” by Sherwood Anderson and the passage from “Up in the Coolly” by Hamlin Garland are similar in how the main character acts and is developed throughout the text and how both of the journeys include tension in several areas. In “Departure”, a young man sets out on a journey away from his hometown and the people that know him well. In the passage from “Up in the Coolly,” another man sets out on an adventure to his hometown in which he has not visited for about ten years. Many events in the story of Departure contribute to feelings and auras of tension. George is leaving to the city from his hometown and has several emotions of tension and discomfort. Townspeople come to see George as he is leaving, making George uncomfortable, …show more content…

Howard is a well off actor who is dressed elegantly while his boyhood home is farm is much less elegant with many chores and tasks. After ten years he decides to visit his boyhood house and his family. In the beginning he is excited and feels good to be home. “He walked slowly to absorb the coolness and fragrance and color of the hour,” this quote from paragraph twenty five shows that Howard is feeling pleasant to be home. Further along his journey, he begins to see the house of his brother and new feelings swell up, “A sickening chill struck into Howard’s soul as he looked at it all.” In this event, Howard is looking upon the farm-scene that he has been away from for so long with its “endless drudgeries.” With this, all of the joy of Howard’s homecoming disappeared. Among this farm-scene was Howard’s farmer brother, Grant, who was angry at Howard for his elegant clothes and clean hands. In conclusion, Howard comes home from his successful career and is struck with feelings of tension and overwhelmed by the farm life that he has been away from for so long. In the end, both the story of “Departure” and the passage from “Up in the Coolly,” have journeys that fuels auras of tension. Tension is present in “Departure” when many townspeople see George, causing George to feel awkward. Also, tension is present in “Up in the Coolly” when Howard sees the farm once again and is reunited with his brother, causing an uncomfortable and tense scene. Both of these stories have several events that provide tension for the main and surrounding

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