Use Of Isolation In The Great Gatsby's Death

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. Through this passage, Fitzgerald wants the reader to understand the isolation that Gatsby had during his life and death. Fitzgerald’s decision to include Nick’s assumptions of what Gatsby might have thought when he died shows how lonely Gatsby was during his death. Nick’s use of the words “perhaps”, “if” and “must” has a speculative connotation since Nick is speculating about the mindset of Gatsby before his death. Fitzgerald’s choice to use Nick’s perception to describe Gatsby’s fear of reality, the reader is able to have a connection with Gatsby during his death and thus it creates a melancholy mood because Gatsby was alone when he died. Gatsby’s lonely death shows how meaningless his death was towards others highlighting the isolation …show more content…

Nick begins to give his point of view on Gatsby’s thought process closer to his death, describing how Gatsby must have seen an “unfamiliar sky”, “frightening leaves” and “grotesque...rose”. The eerie connotation of the adjectives in the phrases contrasts the positive connotation of the natural objects. Through the negative pattern of diction, Fitzgerald creates a haunting mood, which gives the reader a sense of how this new and strange reality that Gatsby has to endure frightens him. Because Gatsby was so caught up in his unrealistic world of old money, that after losing Daisy, he was left with nothing but the scary truth about his new reality, which emphasizes the isolation he must have felt during his time in his superficial world. Nick’s description of how grotesque a rose is to Gatsby contrasts with the romantic symbolism behind it. According to Fitzgerald, the grotesque rose highlights the destruction of the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy. Upon Daisy’s decision to leave Gatsby to be with Tom, Gatsby starts to see how his rose is disfigured because now he is starting to see that Daisy is not the perfection he strived for her to be. This highlights how Gatsby starts to see that he was isolated from Daisy and Tom since the

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