Derek Williams Case

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July 6th, 2011, Derek Williams collapsed and died in the back of a squad car. John Franke, a former Milwaukee circuit court judge, did not file charges in the case because he believes there was not enough evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The community took to the streets to march against police brutality as well as the decision to not file charges against the officers. 75 to 100 people participated in a two-hour march that began at Wisconsin Avenue and 16th street and along streets in downtown Milwaukee. Marchers first went to the police department building and a man broke the window on the door of the building. After the marchers left the police department the marchers yet again shut down a intersection then proceeded to city hall, they were met by police and barred from entry. Then the march was led back to the starting location an shut down another intersection at Wisconsin Avenue and water street. Their goal was to let people know that black lives matter and that someone need to stand up to the dirty cops who get away with everything they do. The protest wasn’t a failure nor a big success but they did make people start to understand and see what we go through on an everyday bases and that when we shout “black lives matter”we aren’t just doing this to make us stand out more.…show more content…
Derek Williams died because officers weren’t doing their responsible and they should feel bad they’re the reason someone died and this could of never escalated to what happened if they would 've just listened to the young
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