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Derrick Rose

With a talented act Derrick Rose by the 8th grade knew he was a good basketball player. Derrick Rose dream was to go to the NBA. Throughout his whole life his family is the reason why he is here where he is now.
When Rose was in his senior year he was ranked the nation 's best high school point guard averaged 25.2 points per game a leaded simeon high school to their second consecutive state title. That year Chicago Tribune named Derrick Rose it 's 2007 “Illinois Mr.Basketball Player”(Rose). His brothers would take Derrick Rose to practice and punished him if he stepped out of line. His mother 's name was Brenda( Rose).”As Derrick hoops aptitude became obvious and his path to the pros more likely, his mother Rose instructed …show more content…

Derrick Rose went to Memphis Tigers for college and he played with Chris Douglas - Roberts who is a NBA player now. The tigers went to the top seed in the South region in his first year ( Rose Jockbio). Rose averaged 14.9 points per game, 4.7 assists and 4.5 rebounds per game during the regular season and 20.8 points, 6.5 rebounds and 6 assists during the tournament ( Rose Fansite ). Derrick lead the tigers to the final four since 1985 then they beated UCLA to go to the National Championship ( Rose Jockbio). Memphis was leading by nine with less than three minutes to go and he Jayhawks came back and won 75 - 68 Memphis had lost the championship game (Rose Jockbio). Rose had 18 points in his final game, cementing his status as one of college 's best player not long after he declared himself eligible for the NBA ( Rose). In June 2008 he got drafted to his hometown Chicago Bulls when he was 19 years old with the first pick in the NBA draft ( …show more content…

In Derrick Rose rookie season 2008-09 he won the rookie of the year award and went to the playoffs ( Rose).In 2009-10 he was playing in his first All - Star game Rose had 8 points 4 assists and 3 steals ( Rose Fansite). Derrick Rose was on the front cover of the 2010 KICKS magazine ( Rose Jockbio). Derrick Rose was in the top 10 in many categories ( Rose Jockbio). The bulls went into the playoffs as the East’s top seed with a 62- 20 record ( Rose Jockbio ). Rose was in the MVP voting 2010-11 with 25 points per game making him the youngest player at 22 to receive the honor ( Rose ). At 22 Rose was just behind the top defensive guards in the league ( Rose Jockbio). Derrick Rose was the All-NBA first team ( Rose Jockbio). Every year since Derrick Rose has been in the league their team has been to the playoffs ( Rose Jockbio ). Derrick Rose first playoffs was against the Boston Celtics and they lost in seven games 105-103 Derrick had eleven assists (Rose Jockbio). Derrick Rose second playoff appearance they were the top seed with a record of 62 wins and 20 losses ( Rose Jockbio). Derrick Rose third appearance in the playoffs they beat the Pacers but then lost in the second round ( Rose

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