Jack Goldstone Believes Will Change The World Essay

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2)Describe one of the four megatrends that Jack A. Goldstone believes will change the world? According to the “New Population Bomb’ article international security will not depend on how many people inhabit the world but how the global population is composed of and distributed. The third of the four megatrends discussed by Jack Goldstones “The population of the poorest, youngest and the most heavily Muslim is g rowing the most”. By 2050 70% of the world’s population growth will occur in 24 countries. These countries will have problems providing employment and quality education for their growing young population. This will cause these young people to immigrate to developed countries who lack necessary workers to fill needed jobs because of an aging population. It will be important for developed countries to build alliances and assist with …show more content…

Rape is used to humiliate an enemy’s people. Rape is used as a terror tactic to clear an area and make people flee. Rape is also used as a means to dishonor humiliate and terrorize the absolute e power of the enemy. These acts of rape are usually a very public committing these rapes in from of husbands, children, and other family members as a means of shame of shame and authority over there enemies. These victims are paraded through streets. Woman in these war torn regions are afraid of men especially of men in uniform these woman mare taken and repeatedly raped often times these woman are afraid to return home for fear of being taking again. When they return home they are further humiliated and shunned from their families. Often times committing suicide because the shame is so great and they have no support to help them deal with what atrocities have been committed against

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