Describe The Difference Between Positive And Negative Feedback

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1. The two types of feedbacks are positive and negative feedback.

2. Stimulus- the reaction

Signal- a sign given to do something

Response- a result given to what to do.

3. Both mechanism have three things in common and they are they all have a stimulus, signal, and response.

4a. Yes because you give it positive reinforcement, because you said "good job" and you also rubbed it on the head so the puppy had positive feedback.

4b. When the puppy chases the ball it is a response

When you say "good job" and rub it on its head it a stimulus.

This scenario is an example of positive feedback, because when you said "good job" to the dog and when you rubbed it on it 's head it was a stimulus and when the puppy chased the ball it was a response to go after the ball. …show more content…

No the puppy is not likely to urinate on the couch again, because after the puppy did urinate you put it outside and said "no bad dog" and then it had negative feedback.

5b. When the puppy urinated on the couch it was a response.

When you said "no bad dog" it was a stimulus.

5c. This scenario is an example of a negative feedback, because you put the dog outside and said "no bad dog" and that is stimulus.

6.The feedback mechanism in model 1 would be more useful for amplifying a condition that is advantageous for the organism is positive feedback.

7.The feedback in model 1 would be most useful for stopping a condition that is detrimental or limiting a condition to specified levels is negative

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