Teaching My Cousin's Dog To Sit With A Clicker

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Teaching My Cousin's Dog to Sit with a Clicker
Operant Conditioning is a type of learning in which behavior is strengthened if followed by a reinforce of diminished by a punisher. Operant conditioning was first introduced when B.F. Skinner discovered, while he was studying the psychology of behaviorist movement, and the individual learns a particular behavior through interaction with the environment. There are many ways to apply operant conditioning to everyday life. In the environment, the events or stimulus that occur would result in the individual changing their behavior when the individual interacts with the environment. For example, if the individuals' person performs a specific action, they get a positive reinforcement, such as a treat. There are many ways that there would be an increase in the behavior of such a response in the future. My operant conditioning example is when I am teaching my cousin's dog how to sit down. When my cousin was young she wanted a dog, and I would always watch her play with her dog named Spark. I would watch my cousin try to put Spark in the front of her two-seat car and try to strap him down, but Spark will always try to bite her.
Eventually, Spark would not bite my cousin because her mom put a muzzle over Spark's mouth. Spark was like her best friend and sometimes like her baby brother.
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Since Spark now sits at the click of the clicker it also changes the reaction which increase the likelihood of a behavior which known as positive reinforcement. Later on, my cousin used the same procedure, only this time one click was used to teach Spark to come. After the first trick worked; eventually, Spark did not have to be strapped in the seat anymore by my cousin, which is known as a negative reinforcement. After the training, Spark would just run after the car and jump into it, then sit for
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