Classical Conditioning And Observational Learning Analysis

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Learning enables you as an individual, to gain more knowledge about something which you have never learned about. Learning also has to do with past experiences which are influenced by behavioural changes (Weiten, 2016). There are different types of ways to learn; through, classical conditioning, operant conditioning and observational learning which will be discussed and analysed in the essay.
Behaviourism is considered one of the main subjects in psychology and the two main people who founded behaviourism were, Burrhus Frederic Skinner, also known as B.F Skinner and Ivan Pavlov who were famous for the work they did on classical and operant conditioning (Moderato & Presti, 2006). According to Moderato and Presti …show more content…

My coach for soccer has taught me how to play soccer from a young age and in order for my coach to be able to coach me successfully the coach would need a ball and soccer training methods. My version of playing soccer was just passing a ball and the soccer ball was the object I made an association with and when I was starting to take soccer seriously it meant I would need a coach and I did not know how a coach was and how it would enable me to be able to play soccer and it classical conditioning terms it would be called unconditioned association. The unconditioned stimuli (UCS), which is the coach, is going to enable me to emit a response which is to be able to play soccer and the behaviour I emit is known as the unconditioned response (UCR) because the coach has not yet taught me how to play soccer. When the coach starts coaching me to become a good soccer player, the coach moves from being the unconditioned stimulus (UCS) to the neutral stimulus (NS), the coach becomes the conditioned stimulus (CS) because she has been training me on a regular basis which results in my unconditioned response (UCR) becoming the conditioned response (CR) which is to play soccer the proper way by; passing, dribbling, defending and shooting. There is a relationship I have created between the coach and the soccer ball and that is called a conditioned association. Acquisition is a …show more content…

A positive punishment would be the coach making me do shuttle runs to improve my stamina when trying to take the ball from an opponent after I had lost it or when the player has lost the ball I can assist in getting the ball back with stamina. The negative punishment would be would be if we as a team lose a match the coach makes us run endless laps and it would effectively stop us from losing any more matches. To summarize reinforcement elicits a positive response and a punishment elicits a negative

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