Descriptive Essay On 4th Of July

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My Father and I driving down the dusty dirt road which is lined with 9 acres of pines on each side is just the Beginning of my grandma’s long driveway to her 40-acre home with her large wrap around deck facing Chain lake in North Branch, MN. What a beautiful setting where we held our annual 4th of July celebration each year. First when we arrived our eyes and noses are greeted with delicious tables of picnic food that have bright yellow corn with the sweet smell of butter, hamburgers and hotdogs that smell fresh off the grill, fruit trays with bright colors of red strawberries vibrant oranges and juicy purple grapes. The picnic tables filled up with more and more food as people arrived, after all everyone was told to bring a dish and didn’t disapoint. We send out invites each year to family and friends to come camping for the weekend. Finally, it was time to eat we at sat down and enjoyed the wonderful food that we have gathered there to eat to start off the beginning part of the 4th of July celebration day.

Next, it’s time for games and fun as we enjoy hot sunny day. There are lots of fun activities to do while we wait for the night fall to watch the fireworks. Some of the adults will play horseshoes or golf at the local golf course. The kids play hid and seek in the woods or they can go swimming down by the beach. I usually choose the go down to the beach and sit on the dock to fish. That was one of the things I like to do most. I would grab my can of corn and drop my

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