Iowa State Fair Research Paper

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The Iowa State Fair is the most influential events throughout the state of Iowa during the month of August. This is a place where one can go to experience shows, art, food, and see livestock from all around the country. Most people however, go to this fair simply to have fun. On my visit to the Iowa State Fair in the previous summer, tasting all of the different foods, quality of the rides and the positive attitude from the carnival workers highly encourages me to come back year after year.
Depending on what fair you attend, food quality varies from food stand to food stand. Food is one of the essential components that keeps people coming back to the fair. No matter how old someone is, they are never too old to enjoy delicious fair food from the Iowa State Fair. It was costly, but I did try food from almost every other food stand. However, it didn’t matter what food stand I went to, each and every one possessed its own version of heaven on a plate. The food that tasted the best in my opinion, was the ultimate bacon brisket bomb. In my mind, this brisket could surpass a steak from a five star restaurant. For the children, going to the fair primarily revolves around the rides or …show more content…

Growing up in a small town, I have gone to the Mississippi Valley Fair all my life. Nonetheless, the attractions compared to the Iowa State Fair are very poorly put together. The rides at the Iowa State fair are not only larger in size, but also generate a much smoother ride for the riders. There is even one day of the week during the fair when one can buy a wristband and ride all the rides you want. One of my favorite rides that my friend and I went on was probably the fireball. The fireball is a circular roller coaster that hangs you upside down, generating enough force to make you cry out with laughter. It is the the carnival workers that make the experience

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