Descriptive Essay: The French Market

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The sun was blazing hot and the air felt extremely sticky. I felt my clothing latching on me like peanut butter and jelly. Although I felt uncomfortable and needed a hot shower, it still did not stop me from having a great day. As I walked along the lumpy street full of pot holes, my eyes began to blur. The sun was shining so bright that I could barely see where I wanted to go. luckily, my father was near my side holding my hand as always when walking across the street. Two minutes after walking on Peter Street, (which is located in the French Quarters of New Orleans) we finally saw the French Market sign. The sign was carved in Times New Roman font with a yellow-beige color wall entrance. The sign was above the round shape entry that did not have a door. I gazed around the French market and I noticed a miniature mall, with multiple selections of the finest cuisine. Merchants were…show more content…
The market had a separate section just for food. It sold the finest food of New Orleans. They sold gumbo, crawfish, catfish, pecan candy, crabs, and more. My parents and I decided to have some seafood gumbo. It was delicious. The gumbo had crawfish, shrimp, crabs, sausage, and Creole seasoning. I can remember my mom saying, “Imani, you will never eat this good anywhere else around the world.” I started to laugh because I thought that was true. While we were eating, a band of jazz musicians began playing their instruments. It was amazing and they played one of my favorite New Orleans songs, Saints Go Marching In. It was a classical New Orleans jazz song that made everyone joyful. As the day went on, the sun began to takes its rightful place. The breeze of the wind felt relieving to my skin. The weather was not so much of my concern at the end of that day. Everything I learned about New Orleans brought me comfort and happiness. Finding out that I was from such a popular and historic city was an

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