Descriptive Essay On The Jones Farm

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The Jones Farm
The sheep are out again, we have to fix another prolapse, shear the show lambs for the show for which we will most likely have to awake at 4:00AM, and when that 's all done, retreat to our house and eat dinner. An approximate representation of what a typical summer night at the Jones farm. If you were ever to start a television show where you wanted to have the viewer on the edge of their seat not knowing exactly what is going to happen next, insert my family. To give you a hint of the insanity behind the scenes here are some recollections I can remember. The first remembrance comes from taking residence in Colorado. We lived in a house that had an old milking parlor on the property. My family used this area for the feed shed and cooling room for my show cattle. When a person leaves a bag of fresh feed just sitting out in the open, the mice are sure to spontaneously become more prominent, see where their meal is located, and have some food. The first person to notice the presence of more and more mice was, of course, my mother.
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Think back to when I told you there were things that can go wrong no matter what during lambing season. This was one of those times. It was about two years ago, there was an ewe that was struggling with birth, so we took her into the shed. When we went to get the lambs out my mom pulled her hand out after having no luck and everything followed. The ewe had a uterine prolapse during the middle of giving birth. At this point we are worried about one thing, get the lambs out. My mom goes back in, and can 't pull the lamb as if it is fastened to an anchor. So, my dad comes in and begins to pull. When my dad starts to pull he put a bit more force behind it and the legs of the lamb came off. The thing is the lambs inside this ewe were dead already. Now the objective is to get the lambs out to save this ewe from dying. We end up pulling out two big sized buck lambs which equals a huge loss to our birth
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