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Destination Orlando: Exploring the Sights and Sounds of America’s Favorite City Orlando, Florida is an amazing city – so if you’re planning a trip to this magical place, you will not be disappointed with all that it has to offer. There is always something to do in Orlando, as former visitors may confirm. From major theme parks to fabulous dining options to unique outdoor activities, the possibilities are vast and varied. Whether you choose to spend all of your time at one amusement park, or you opt to see as many of the local attractions as you can, you may be surprised at how quickly the days and nights go by when you’re in Orlando. You probably won’t have time to fit to everything in one trip, but that’s why so many vacationers choose to…show more content…
You may wish to explore a few of the amusement parks in Orlando while you’re in town. If you enjoy such places at all, then you might want to make a point of going to at least one of the major theme parks in the area. One of the top theme parks in the city is Walt Disney World. In fact, numerous tourists plan entire vacations around this world-famous franchise. The Orlando location comprises several theme parks in one place, so it is a clear choice for millions of travelers annually. When you go to Walt Disney World Orlando, you might spend the bulk of your time at Epcot, the Magic Kingdom Park, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You could also explore the animal park or the water parks when you’re there. Another park that attracts innumerable visitors is Universal Orlando. At Universal, you can enjoy a wide range of rides and shows. The attractions at this park are based on the blockbuster movies for which Universal Studios is…show more content…
The Mall at Millenia is a top shopping destination in the area; this is an upscale mall that features gorgeous, modern architecture as a backdrop. You’ll find plenty of luxury stores worth browsing. You can also explore the shops at the Prime Outlets mall if you love to shop for great deals; another option is the International Drive Flea Market. Boutique shopping is always a popular pastime in Orlando – remember to stop in at places like Bijou’s Boutique or Modern Grace. If you’re traveling with little ones, you may want to take them to the Lego Store; the dazzling displays and multitude of Lego choices are sure to impress you and your kids. Outdoor Activities Worth Considering Orlando is known for its spectacular climate, so indulging in a few outdoor activities is always a wise vacation strategy during your visit. One unforgettable option is a hot air balloon ride over the city. If you’re craving some fun in the water, the Orlando Watersports Complex is a great choice. You may also enjoy a guided tour of the area on a Segway. Other Key

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