Development Of Literature In African Literature

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The Emergence of written literature across Africa came with the colonial intervention. The literary genres vigorously copied from the existing genres of Europe, Portuguese, French and English became the official languages across the continent. African writings in English had dominated and defined much of the space of what is today regarded as African literature. Among the prominent African writers the contribution of Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thiongo, Wole Soyinka, Christopher Okigbo, Senghor are noteworthy. The landscape of English literature developed in divergent dimensions during the later half of the twentieth century. Nations of Asia and Africa, freed from colonial rule, tried to build their own literary composition on the lines of their national culture. Commonwealth nations, with their mastery over English language, tried to project their national ethos to the international audience. Post-colonial literature not only fractured the hegemony of the west, but also infused ‘newness’ into English literature, thereby making it a configuration of diverse cultures. Twentieth century Africa has witnessed changes of far reaching consequences in all stages of life. Africa shedding centuries of isolationism is now actively posing towards a greater participation in the global affairs. Within the span of a century, it has passed through different stages of colonialism. The African writers have recorded in a remarkable manner the socio-political and cultural changes that have taken

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