Dhammatthavagga Religion

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The Dhammapada is an accepted and admired scriptural text from the Buddhist religion. The literal translation of the Dhammapada is “Verses on the Law, Truth, or the Way” (Mills xxxv). It is a collection of individual verses and phrases compiled to help communicate the teachings of the Buddha. One of the many verses from this compilation is the Dhammatthavagga, or “what accords with Dharma” (Mills 65). This excerpt explains what Dharma is in relation to this particular religion, as well as detailing the significance of its practice.
“Dharma, the natural law, the peaceful way”(Mill ix), the most fundamental ideology of the Buddhist traditions. Practicing Dharma puts one on the path to distinguishing the self. “In Buddhist texts, Dharma is mainly the Buddha’s doctrine” (Jayasekera 141). This excerpt paraphrases the Buddha’s insight on acting accordingly to continue on the path of self-improvement. This path, otherwise known as The Eightfold Path, is a guide to solving The Four Noble Truths, the
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Buddhism can be practiced by many, but is only truly discovered by those who are able to interpret, and incorporate this philosophy in every thought and action. The realization of the truth is not an ordered or exact procedure, but is accomplished one step at a time. The awareness of yin and yang, right and wrong, good and evil in its actuality is unavoidable. It is the knowledge that one realizes from investigating all sides of the problem that gives them a keener insight to clarity. “Not by passing arbitrary judgements does one become just; a wise person passes judgement impartially according to truth, a sagacious guardian of the law, is called just” (Buddharakkhita 100). A person, who is good, in every sense of the word, is a summation of how one should behave. This behaviour is an example to everyone and causes some positive effect to everything surrounding
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