Did Chris Mccandless Choose To Go Off Into The Alaskan Wilderness?

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Into The Wild Report
There are a lot of reasons people just decide to go off into the Alaskan wilderness. One reason could be to get away from their past life which is what i believe Chris Mccandless (Alexander Supertramp) chose. He did this in order to have a fresh new start in the Alaskan wilderness.
Why did chris chose to leave his family,friends and the great institution of Emory university to just become a vagabond in the streets? The reason i believe Chris went into the alaskan wilderness was to find a new identity due to the troubles he had at home with his father and mother Chris and his sister Carine were abuse and manipulated as children in one quote Carine told her mother about her father's beatings and all her mother did was call her a liar and usually blamed the abuse on Chris and Carien. One way Chris got away from the abuse as a child was he would leave home to get away from his parents. Thus …show more content…

The reason i believe he chose to go to alaska was that there was nothing up there so it would all peaceful and quiet but i also believe that Chris thought if he went to alaska and not had died his family would have never found him and probably still be missing to this day.But then raises another question should Chris have come to his senses and have come out of the woods and have tried to fix his family problems?I also believe the reason chris chose to go to alaska was because of the beautiful alaskan Wilderness the view of alaska do not compare to any other forest because of its all natural look due to not having a lot of deforestation.Honestly i could see why he chose the alaskan wilderness just for its beauty but with that beauty comes with it challenges in the winter time below zero temperatures and in the summertime a lot of wild animals looking for food to eat before

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