Did Franklin D Roosevelt Decision To Engage The Us Into Ww2

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt is largely credited with leading the United States into World War II in 1941. Opinions are divided regarding FDR's move to engage the United States in the war, with many believing that it was necessary to protect the nation's freedom, while others disagree and believe Roosevelt brought danger and destruction to the U.S. and the rest of the world. In this essay, I will examine both sides of this debate and evaluate the arguments for concluding whether FDR's decision was a wise one. Franklin D. Roosevelt's decision to engage the United States into World War II was a controversial one, as the United States had initially pledged not to join the war unless directly threatened. Ultimately, it is difficult to agree or disagree …show more content…

Despite the fact that President Franklin Roosevelt was determined to keep the nation out of the conflict, a few months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Congress declared war on Japan (Higley). After this declaration, the United States was fully committed to the war effort, both militarily and economically. Even so, some Americans still believe that the United States should have kept to their traditional policy of isolationism and could have “remained safely disconnected from the greatest conflict in human history” (Boren). Unfortunately, the reality is that the United States was too slow to respond to the aggression that was occurring in Europe and Asia, enabling the Axis powers to gain an advantage. Thus, by the time the United States decided to intervene, it was already too late have avoided the …show more content…

He understood that by sending troops and providing materials, the US would not only be acting according to their own interests, but also aiding those who were already fighting for freedom and peace. Although this came at a cost of human life and resources, it ultimately was the correct decision to make, one that needed to be done to set the course for a more equitable and prosperous future.The United States officially entered World War II in 1939, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared that the country would stand behind any country whose government was threatened by Nazi aggression. In 1941, the conflict escalated further when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, resulting in America’s entrance into the war. The involvement of the United States was crucial to the Allied victory, and President Roosevelt used his foresight and wise decision-making to get the country involved early on. The US provided large amounts of men, resources, and financial aid to the Allied forces, and its successful military strategies ultimately led to victory in 1945. Despite the destruction and devastation that the war cost, Roosevelt’s actions allowed the Allied forces to come out on

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