Diego Vs Las Meninas

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In the paintings Las Meninas by the painters Pablo Picasso and by Diego Velazquez are very different and the same compared to each other. In many ways they are different and similar. I will also be telling you what each of the painter’s Pablo and Diego are portraying in the paintings and what their motivation was to paint these paintings of the princess. I will tell you all of these things in the next paragraph. In Diego’s version of the painting he was trying to portray the princess and her attendants. But in Pablo’s version of the painting he was trying to portray the princess herself and just her. I know this because Pablo enlarged the princess and only put one attendant. Also the painting just focused on her and had no background to it. …show more content…

in Pablo's painting he used cubism but in Diego's he used realism. Another way they were different was that Diego's painting had a realistic background, but in Pablo's it was just a black background. The two paintings are also similar in many ways. The painting by Pablo paints a princess and a attendant. This is also painted in Diego's version too. Another way they are similar is that they are both paintings. Also they both have the same name to the painting. Also in both the princess is wearing a big poofy dress. Another way they are different because Pablo uses cubism in his painting. In Diego’s painting he is using realism. In Pablo’s their is only one attendant but in Diego’s their is way more than one attendant. Also Diego’s looks really good and organized, but Pablo’s looks like a kindergartener drew it because it is really messy. In Diego’s painting he included himself in the actual painting, but in Pablo’s painting he never included himself. In Pablo’s painting he had a lot of like rainbow colors and different colors, not really realistic to go with the painting because it has a green face and the other half white that's not really realistic, but in Diego’s he uses the

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