Difference Between Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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If i had to tell you the difference between Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, i would first say that Dr.Jekyll is a man that seperates his private life and also his public life.They also would claim him to be the good side . He is a doctor as well as a long time friend and also a a successful scholar.During his private life he is more forward for more liberty and also to do activities that will bring public disgrace if he did things that were known around the area. Utterson even often called him "devoted"

Mr. Hyde on the other hand is a one part individual. He is also claimed to be the evil side. He is well known as destructive, and sometimes brutality coupled with fear and also violent. Unlike Dr. Jekyll ,Mr. Hyde would Murder/kill without any feelings …show more content…

Hyde and ended up uniting with the bad side. Then me personally I would feel that in some form of way Dr. Jekyll had to have some type of evil thoughts in the mist of his creation of the evil side.

Some comparisons i could say about both Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde was? Both refuse to be responsible for innocent people. They also are very ambitious . physically and mentally there and both one person its just a difference in the way they act (as in being on the good or bad side ). At the end of the story they also become the same person because they end up both being united together on the evil side. Those were some of the comparisons of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde even they are the same person just different personalities.

In conclusions of my compare and contrast of the novel and also my feelings of the novel. I feel that it was more of a difference between the two personalities then being compared . An also that this novel will have you in a great thought and also questioning if indeed the characters are one person or two separate

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